Servicios Adicionales para Empresas

Servicios especializados con base en las necesidades de su empresa.


    Social Responsibility

    In addition to successfully contributing to the achievement of our partners’ objectives, Grupo Ono has distinguished itself by having a culture of responsibility focused on the well-being of the environment and employees.

    As a Socially Responsible Company, it has had an active contribution where employees voluntarily participate in activities aimed at creating a positive social, environmental, and economic impact for the benefit of the country.

    Likewise, this great company wouldn’t be anything without its employees, so various strategies have been implemented to improve the organizational climate, such as: playful tournaments, home office, gymnasium, sports activities, career development plans, among others.

    ISAE 3402

    The administration of service organizations often requires a study and evaluation, independent of their internal control framework, to be considered by users of such services. Typically, these reviews result in “service auditor reports,” such as the International Standards for Assurance Engagements “ISAE 3402 Type II.”


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