Payroll Administration

Specialists in processes and technology for Payroll Administration

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Payroll Administration

Specialists in processes and technology for Payroll Administration

We integrate specialists, world-class processes, and cutting-edge technology to become an extension or your payroll department, through robust infrastructure, solid knowledge, and the management experience of more than 150 corporations at the Latin American level, ensuring the obligations generated by your payroll.

Why choose Ono Payroll (Payroll Administration)?

Cost-benefit of our payroll processing solutions to make the correct comparison. To get an idea as close as possible to what you can earn and save by entrusting us with your company’s payroll, you would have to think about more than 100 concepts.

Only then can we think of valid comparisons. It is not comparable to acquiring a canned payroll software package and hiring someone to use it, compared to a service that involves consultations, support, updates, payroll outsourcing, even being responsible for fines and surcharges to the authorities, if any.

All that must be added and indirect costs – stationery, electricity, telephones, office space, and a long etcetera – to avoid comparing apples to oranges. And the risks?


Systems : Software and Hardware, System Adaptations, License Renewals, System Maintenance, Site, Installation, Training, Systems Personnel, Support, and Database.

Payroll Department: Operational Staff, Supervisory Staff.

Administration: Accounting Staff, Audit Staff, Human Resources Staff, Quality Control Staff.

Social Security: Operational Staff, Supervisory Staff, Filing of sworn statements.

Risks: Fines and Surcharges, Process Errors, Implementation Risks.

Indirect Expenses: Rental of physical space, Labor Risk, Stationery, Telephone, Electricity, among others.

We are specialists in processes and technology for Payroll Administration

SaaS (Software as a Service): SW Rental

We become your Systems and Support Department for payroll purposes. You enter the payroll inputs, register, print, file on our system, with a guarantee of zero errors in the operation of it, maintenance and support, process audit, and continuous updating on legal matters, without the need to request it.


We take care of everything. From upload payroll inputs up to the generation of pay slips and labor settlements, filing, and consultation, for regular payroll and monthly, annual, and special processes. We only require information through any means. We capture, process, and review to release payments. We become your Payroll Department for the entire payroll cycle.