Socio-economic Research for Companies in Guatemala

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Socio-economic Research for Companies in Guatemala


The verification process consists of a visit to the address of the person applying for the position. A questionnaire is filled out with information about the applicant, as well as about the house, the people living in it, and neighbors.

In addition to the visit and questionnaire, work and personal references are verified.

Why choose our services?

We have agents throughout the national territory and telephone executives to carry out studies in three ways efficiently and effectively, interviews in Spanish or English. Types of ESE we perform:

  1. A) Real-time socio-economic studies in the form of Presential
  2. B) Real-time Socioeconomic Study ONLINE
  3. C) Real-time Socioeconomic Study Combined PRESENTIAL AND ONLINE format in English or Spanish
  4. D) Document Validation

The three forms have the same quality and efficiency depending on the urgency of our client, in addition, we verify work and personal references.

We are specialists in Socioeconomic Research in Guatemala

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